Creative Strategist

Currently working on...

Currently working on...


Sr. Creative Strategist.

MediaMonks is the world's leading production company. It has worked with the world’s leading agencies, biggest brands governments and innovative media and technology companies to turn ideas, strategy and IP into award-winning campaigns, film, content, products and platforms. 


Cofounder & CEO

RAQ is a start up that exists to accelerate and enhance the probability of synergy between different areas of knowledge in order to generate solutions for a better world.
We believe in the MIT Media Lab's antidisciplinary approach and we seek to scale it by organizing workshops and trainings that bring together different areas of knowledge by poising the rarely asked questions needed to do so.


Cofounder & Strategy Director

As an strategic consultancy, vutic was born out of the idea that great clients don't always come in the same sizes. We believe in long term relationship and apply a mixed fee to make ourselves accountable for our strategic advices. We work for brands in Peru, Colombia and Argentina.