Badass Creative Strategist


Hi, I'm Edwin, A.K.A.: "Cosmic Kite", "Hurricane", "Badass CS", "Win"...


Creative Strategist. Jazzcker. Restless. Passionate. Prone to eat entire apples.

I considere myself a very driven person. I love strategic challenges and I 'm passionate about brands, technology, people and the relationship between them.

I believe in hard intelligent work and that ideas may come from everyone and everywhere, so I'm always listening. I was fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands and people and winning accolades along the way (Effies + APGs)

I'm always reinventing myself and learning through the process. I've already been a stand up comedian, radio host, musician, studied civil engineering, medicine, barman, semi-pro MMA-fighter, got a black belt in Taewkondo and Kumdo (Korean fencing), been a journalist, chef and garçon among other things. Lived in three countries for now (Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil) and speak three languages (although I did took latin for 4 years)

In each and every of those experiences I've learned a little bit about the world that surrounds me and myself. 

I think I need to learn more and more, in order to keep on working to make this a better world. 

Música y luz.




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